Using Paint to Keep Cool

Paint is great for showing our inner aesthetics, but it can also be used practically. Check out this article about using paint to cool down streets in Los Angeles. read more

When You Should Repaint Your House

When you want to give your house a facelift, one of the quickest and most effective ways to do so is to give it a fresh coat of paint. It transforms your living space from dull and dreary to a place that is pristine and new. Compared to other ways of renovating your home, painting it is one of the most affordable ways to do so while still giving you the effect that you desire. With even just a new set of colors, you can be surprised at just how different it feels to be in your home. Let’s take a look at each part of your home that is to be painted.   Hallways Hallways are parts of your home that see use constantly. People walk through them every day, which can often result in scuff marks, finger marks, or even dents and cracks. Since they are used so much, the effects of a repainting can be felt strongly here, but at the same time it requires repainting more often.   Living & Dining Room Often, these parts of your home are where you will be seeing other people, such as during get-togethers. This means that the look you portray here is the most important one in reflecting your personal aesthetic. However, the good news is that paint can last longer here, due to the expansive nature that these rooms usually have.   Bedrooms Bedrooms as a general rule don’t see much activity, but when they do they are very private spaces, so it’s crucial that you choose a color that you’ll like. Adult bedrooms don’t need repainting... read more

The Effects of Painting Remotely

Graffiti can be a difficult topic, especially when the subject matter that is being painted is hateful or offensive. However, this article describes an Italian architect who uses drones to cover buildings with beautiful artwork. Read more about it... read more

Your Office Deserves A New Face

So you want to put a fresh face on your workplace. It’s the place you spend a third of your life, so making sure that it’s a place that you enjoy is important. You don’t want to be spending every day working in a place that bores you or makes you uncomfortable. Ideally, you’d have a place that stimulates your mind and boosts your productivity, so that not only are you comfortable, but you have a place where you are getting the most done. It would be a place that you can look forward to getting to each day. It’s a nice thought, right? At Equity Painters, our commercial painting services can help your dream of a wonderful office space into reality. We offer quick, cost-effective, and efficient commercial painting that adheres to the schedule of your office. As a great office space can boost productivity, we know that having painters working in your office all day can hinder your ability to get anything done. We will rise to the challenge of getting the job done during times when it fits you so that you can come in and enjoy the look of your new office. So whether you just want some brighter colors to lighten up your day, a fresh layer of paint, or you want to undergo a bigger project to give your office a new face, we will be there every step of the way so that we can deliver on the vision that you have. Equity Painters is located in Chilliwack and serves in Abbotsford, Langley, and around the Fraser... read more

All the Colors of the Office

As we’ve stated a few times previous, the right background for your office can do wonders for the productivity of your workers. Check out this article about using the colors of your... read more

Boring Workplace? Have it Painted!

Getting your office painted is like giving your business a new breath of life. It improves the aesthetics by giving it a fresh new look and covering up imperfections on the walls like marks or dents. It helps your business thrive by allowing you to portray the look that you want to your clients. In a way, a paint job is like a makeover for your office. At Equity Painters, we bring 20 years of experience serving Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley. Our seasoned painters can help you with the commercial painting that you need to bring the vision of the office you want to life. Having a lively office has many different benefits. It helps you convey a sense of professionalism to your clients. It can also help improve employee productivity. Working in a great environment can influence a person’s cognitive, emotional, and physiological behavior. They can work more efficiently in a space that makes them feel comfortable and engaged. The opposite can occur. A rundown building can make your employees feel tired and run down, just like the building itself. So it’s important to keep the surroundings of your office looking lively. At Equity Painters, we know exactly what is needed to make a space look great. Our wealth of experience allows us to provide advice to help you achieve the look you want. Equity Painters is located in Chilliwack and serves throughout the Fraser Valley. Contact us today for your painting... read more

Reuniting With Your Work

At Equity Painters we admire the process of painting. Check out this story about a woman who reunites with her work after over 50... read more

Creating a Great Workplace

Who likes to work in a dull, dreary office, plain with only white walls and no decoration? Now that it’s March, the outdoors are becoming more welcome, and your office interior should be as well. An office that boasts great aesthetics can impact the well-being of the people residing within, as well as increase productivity. Not only will you feel more welcome at your workplace, you will also get more work done. At Equity Painters, we possess twenty years of painting experience, and we can help with your office painting. Whether you want to spice up your dull office surroundings or create a great view for you to admire as you work, we have the ability to help you create the surroundings that you will love to spend time in Having longer distance views in your office, while you’re working on the screens of your computer monitors, reading documents, and researching interesting topics, gives you places to rest your eyes and reduce fatigue. With the right office painting, we can create just the right environments that you need so that you have places to recharge and get right back at working on what’s important to you. If you’re located in Chilliwack, we can help you spice up your office and give you a workplace that you’ve dreamed of. Equity Painters provides services in many locations. Whether your office is located in Chilliwack, Maple Ridge, Vancouver, we can help in any of these locations, as well as throughout the Lower Mainland. Contact us at ... read more

Time to Spruce Up The Office

[ratings] It’s February and love is in the air. Have you and your office lost your romance? Does coming into work day after day make you feel tired and checked out? Drab colours can contribute to how you’re feeling at the office. Additionally, peeling or damaged paint can make your office seem old and falling apart. Everyone wants to work in an office they can be proud of especially when you spend more time there than your own home. A new coat of paint may be the answer and, Equity Painters is here for you when you need an office painter in Chilliwack. Depending on the size and type of office, painting can be very complicated. You don’t want to damage expensive equipment or disrupt regular business. Equity Painters brings over 30 years of experience to each and every office painting project. There’s virtually no type of office painting project that we haven’t encountered. More importantly, we ensure that we complete each project on time and on budget while exceeding expectations. From Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to Chilliwack and Greater Vancouver, our skilled office painters bring new life and rejuvenate your work environment while protecting sensitive material and expensive furniture and equipment. Don’t overcomplicate things and try to revitalize your office without first considering the services of Equity Painters. Contact our knowledgeable and courteous professionals today. Whether you’re considering adding a bold splash to the entrance of your office or just want to touch up cracks and damage, contact Equity Painters for re-painting, retouching, and interior... read more


"Great Job! I used Equity Painters for the renovation at Norman Manor. All of their staff were excellent and the work was well done. They were working with seniors around all day and they were so pleasant to them as well as staff. They were always prompt and me tall deadlines!"

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