Equity Painters, your Langley residential painting company, believes that first impressions are the most important ones to make, and when it comes to your home, the first thing that people notice is the exterior.  It doesn’t take an expert to recognize that the condition of the exterior paint is one of the most important factors for maintaining a home’s value.  Painting the exterior of your home shows your visitors and neighbours that you are proud of your home and inspires them to do the same, giving your entire neighbourhood a sense of pride.

Painting residential exteriors is the most cost effective way to add beauty, value, and protection to your home, while saving you money on energy and more costly repairs in the future. With the wide variety of weather that the Lower Mainland experiences throughout the year, exterior house paint has to stand up to some of the most extreme conditions.  When paint and caulking begin to wear out, they stop protecting your home from the various damages that weather and temperature can create.  Neglecting these minor repairs can easily turn into major and costly renovations.

Equity Painters provides clients with professional and knowledgeable Abbotsford painters with many years of expertise in painting all types of home exteriors including stucco, wooden siding, vinyl or aluminum siding, shingles, brick, wooden trim, doors, windows, porches, and decks.

After our experienced team provides you with a detailed evaluation of the project, we will properly prepare your home exterior by filling any cracks or holes, removing any mold or mildew and cleaning any surface areas to make sure that the freshly painted area looks brand new.

For more information on how Equity Painters can assist with your exterior home painting, please contact us at 604-819-2824.



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“Great Job! I used Equity Painters for the renovation at Norman Manor. All of their staff were excellent and the work was well done. They were working with seniors around all day and they were so pleasant to them as well as staff. They were always prompt and me tall deadlines!”

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