A freshly painted room is a pleasure to behold, however as time passes by, normal wear and tear can lead to holes, stains, scrapes and other imperfections.  When you are ready to perform maintenance, the first step is to try a light washing using water and some light liquid soap.

However, when cleaning the walls does not solve the issue, it may be time for a paint touch up.  Touching up is difficult to accomplish correctly, since there are a number of variables.  Areas of high traffic such as doors, windows, knobs/handles and light switches require a great deal of attention and detail.  It takes patience and skill to blend the new touch-up coat of paint in with the existing paint film on surrounding areas.

As the existing coat of paint film ages, the surfaces oxidize and fad at least slightly over time.  For the best appearance and ease of task, Equity Painters recommends touching up the most high traffic areas at least once a year for proper blending.

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“Great Job! I used Equity Painters for the renovation at Norman Manor. All of their staff were excellent and the work was well done. They were working with seniors around all day and they were so pleasant to them as well as staff. They were always prompt and me tall deadlines!”

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